RADHA KUNDA is a leading provider of premium quality wellness products such a superfoods, health & beauty products as well as inspiring gift items from all over the world. Radha Kunda’s mission is to assist people in the Philippines to adopt a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle by providing holistic wellness products and services.

Some of Radha Kunda’s most popular products include Almonds, Argan Oil, organic Chia Seeds, Cranberries, Dates, organic Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, organic Pea Protein and Oil of Oregano. Radha Kunda was founded to make it possible for Filipinos to have access to popular health and wellness products from all over the world at affordable prices.

Many of the products offered by Radha Kunda are certified organic by internationally recognized certifiers such as NOP in the USA. By supporting organically grown products we not only support the farmers and workers, but we also help the soil to remain productive for many seasons. Organically grown products have many benefits for our health and the environment and are also by definition GMO Free. This has become an increasingly important factor to consider when you decide which products you want to support.

Radha Kunda regular donates parts of our sales to non-profit organizations who help communities in need in the Philippines. This way you are helping others while improving your own health!


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